Labbada Store


LABBADA is the brain child of designer Charu Anand, an alumni of NIFT Mumbai, created for the woman who is magnetic, bold and expressive. Synonymous with elegance, femininity and vibrance; the brand vividly blends audacious silhouettes with high-end embroideries, creating a rebellious romance of line and colour. LABBADA dwells its identity in personal distinctive style in traditional wear. A modern twist to classic pieces that become the focus of your wardrobe and never go out of style. Through LABBADA you're investing in high quality and adding to your heirloom.
Encapsulates joy, vivaciousness, soul moving, vibrancy and magnetic elegance in her multi-faceted personality. She defines her wardrobe with ensembles that give her a mood thange with every change from summer to autumn to winter to spring!

Our Vision

To be the most accessible go to design house that understands style needs of women and is desirable choice for every woman for every occasion. A brand whose identity is through its quality and timeless design. A brand that is well known through it service and satisfied customers. To be ethical, genuine in our designs and evolve as a clothing brand, to create a wealth of happy satisfied customers who love to buy quality clothes and designs. We are committed to provide our employees an equal opportunity, a healthy work environment and equal pay. A place where talent is respected, valued and promoted. Our vision is to be known as a brand with our indigenous designs, style and to a carve a niche in the industry to be recognized as a brand which is unique fresh, fashion evolved and a must have pride for every women's wardrobe.

About Our Team

We are a company with philosophy to design and make beautiful, timeless fashion while caring for our people. One of the most simple ways to impact to improve the quality of life is by ensuring our employees are paid fairly. We believe that to end generational poverty, you must create economic opportunities for people, to provide for themselves. Our responsibly-run operation employs locals, securing their craft and more importantly their livelihood. We ensure a fair wage for them, and an honest price for you. Our brand has developed long-lasting relationships with our karigars and suppliers, and our company works to ensure that every team member who touches the clothing is treated respectfully with fair wages and socially compliant working conditions. Our collections are carefully crafted in an ethical workshop, located in Mumbai.