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We’re all holistic explorers with a filter now. The past couple of months has seen many of us casting around for things to do to keep our minds away from the daily news. And what’s more soothing than browsing through an old photo album and looking through your life’s cherished moments.

Just as your photo-album only preserves the finest memoir of your life, we all are now getting in touch with our lives in a deeper sense and uncovering what’s important and what’s excess. This is called the “finesse of less” and it just doesn’t circle around our photo-album, it now goes onto all spheres of our lives and even our wardrobes.

This testing period has taught us what we need, what we don’t, who we need, what we like, what we buy, who we call, who we don’t and who we express to. This time alone has taught us the art of letting go and we are now making holistic choices in our lives. And when it comes to our wardrobes too we must learn to embrace the idea of buying less, but better.

The low-cost shopping indulgence into polyester garments fills our wardrobe with variable choices, but just as quick as the delivery man came and left, so did the quality. These garments are only one season wonders and our choices have a ripple effect on this planet. Garment industry’s bulk manufacturing wastage is having an alarming impact on the planet with tones of waste contribution to the landfill & deep damages to our oceans.

We can be better & wiser than this! Fashion should not only be beautiful on the outside but also be ethical & timeless. There is an ardent need that we start to look for better quality in niche slow fashion design labels that have an artisanal touch with the focus on elegance & longevity.

Quality over quantity is an adage that is taking over the world and the fashion industry has been championing this thought like never before. We can indulge in time honed weaves, exquisite craftsmanship and treasured classic silk pieces that should radiate elegance and stand the test of time. Aim for long-term appeal, heritage designs and timeless classics that are have having a hand-me-down appeal and which will adorn the richness of your wardrobe even when pulled out a couple years later.

As the lines get blurred between work, rest and play and our home sanctuaries are expanding in its limits to make space for our work-from-home office, it is imperative to adapt apparels that now tick three boxes- longevity, comfort and versatility. With more people preferring to work from home and the movement of activities closer to home is on the rise, formalwear will become even more casual and casual will reflect more mystical elegance with a modern twist.

To adapt to our increasingly changing flexible lifestyles we must opt for transitional ensembles that fuse work, rest and play. As the relationship between feel good comfort and impeccable exterior is evolving, it is imperative that we make wise choices and adapt to shop that can flexibly go from home comfort to an online video event with ease.

We need to upgrade our sartorial game with a holistic approach and seek for buying quality artisanal pieces that speak exquisite timeless elegance and allow us to go back to those old times when we cherished & wore our favorite little cheery yellow dress a lot more than once.

A style that will stay with you for generations to come and a style that will be your fondest memory!