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A moment of stillness, almost tranquil when the most majestic lady walks into the room. You watch the crowd, watching her glory and she watches you, watching her power. A part of her still lingers in your mind. Her striking poise and effortless whirl in that fluid ivory dress, looked as if it was just created for her. Well, it actually was! Such is the prowess and supremacy of a bespoke outfit that is tailor made for your liking. It is one of the few. It keeps your essence alive. It is your legacy. It is unique. It is not-made-in-factory and it is not frivolous consuming of clothes that don’t matter in only a couple of months.

Today, it’s become clear that people hold two opposing viewpoints simultaneously: The old view that clothing is valuable and that someone will appreciate it even when we are done with it, and the new view that it’s cheap and disposable. The latter has increasingly become the most popular view and many of these fast-run clothes end up in landfill which is a problem for the environment. But why are we throwing all this clothing out? Well because we don’t like them anymore or it became an out-of-date style or the quality didn’t last that long.

In contrast the joy of wearing something that is crafted on-demand just for you, imparting a power of individuality and distinctiveness last with you for yearsssss. It’s your heirloom to pass down and be cherished for years. It is not one-of-the-many bulk-designs you pull off the rack. Artisanal on demand slow fashion is a juxtaposition of exquisite fashion & morals, that aims at balancing innovation with reduce manufactured volumes.

To elucidate more on this, let’s start with describing the traditional manufacturing process that the on-demand model aims to replace. In the traditional made-in-factory model most factories produce enormous quantities to reduce manufacturing costs. Result? Excess stock at the end of every season in turn forces retailers to increase the markups. Not to mention, it is incredibly taxing on our environment as the over-produced garments that remain unsold are dumped to the landfills or as poignant as it may sound, in some cases are straight away burnt. Reportedly, 92 million tones of discarded items go into the landfill every year. We can definitely do better than this. At the front of the industry, everything is moving very quickly and there’s a complete disconnect between the front and back end. On-demand is a way of bringing those two sides closer so that we can work in unison and harmony.

When we indulge in the on-demand model, we say NO to overstocking, NO to monotony and NO to stagnant practices of the fashion industry. Several huge fashion houses have their own distinctive way to second this ‘NO’. They provide a very progressive and conscious method of retail therapy in form of the exclusive pre-launches and taking pre-orders before production starts. This not only promotes sustainable production practice but also allows to focus on fine quality of each piece. As the production starts after the order is placed, there will be reduced dead stock in the inventory and much less money wasted on excess raw material procurement. This allows to facilitate in-vestment into things that matter and to bring out long lasting quality of each made-to-order bespoke ensemble. A garment that doesn’t come from rabbit hole of bulk-made and is a part of the slow artisanal fashion is a beacon of refined sophistication. Isn’t that a beautiful golden mean between the producers, the consumers and the environment as well?

This is kind of indulgence where every little design detail, button and hook has garnered attention to detail from people who create it. It embodies you and is tailor-made to enhance your presence. Clothing which is so intimate in our daily lives must be made to enhance us. There is a unique comfort of being in a garment that’s been produced with care and with a certain involvement by people who love to do it. This conjures an intimate connection with the apparels that speaks to the senses and sets you apart from a row of similar looking prints, cuts and colors which you see flittering around you all the time.

Now that the on-demand model has become a part of your fashion lexicon, you no longer have to fret over the fact that you might stumble upon someone else too wearing the same prêt-à-porter cold shoulder blouse at the gala! Your wardrobe mustn’t fall out in bulk volumes from machines just like that. This is where your closet gets curated with intricately divine artisanal piece value, the beauty of which you can enjoy time and again. It’s spectacular finesse, time honed weaves and heirloom value will keep your essence alive in every room that you tread through.