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“That is so last season!” Has become the most used phrase in this day and age and right after you receive the delivery, you also receive a notification entrapping you on- “What’s new?”.

Brands that scoop you and rush you to future, make you enter this vicious cycle of ever changing trends. The wise requisite path out of this rabbit hole is to go for trans-seasonal intersection of fashion. This is the intersection where my pin-tucked ivory blouse from couple of years back meets my mint green throw jacket that was delivered today with some droplets of rain on my package, and now I am ready to go, though not too far from home!

In present times it will be quiet trivial to do frivolous indulgence into fads, like that of a frill saree or cold shoulder sleeve top which we know shall soon be a thing of passé. Its essential that we are investing in things with more value and longevity. This is the beauty of trans-seasonal dressing, where we indulge in thoughtful key-pieces that can be styled for now and later. This realm of mindful shopping brings heirloom value in our wardrobes and continuity in our style so that there is newness and permanency mischievously at the same time.

In the times when our pockets are cinched and outings are limited, we still look forward to meeting our close family and friends for bringing some joy to our guarded lives. We can still flutter in an elegant ensemble without an alarming concern that it will be left on some proverbial dusty shelf of passé or be forgotten in the wardrobe section where ghost of past are put in a box of – ‘had been merely worn, but are currently being put on hold.’ Our purchases now should mirror qualities that reflect wisely drawn such that it doesn’t wither with time. Indulging in season-less silhouettes & colors contributes to an everlasting timeless wardrobe that will be your best friend in cupboard for yearrssss!

Our color choices should be inspired by the duality of life. Going for a dainty thread work on Chanderi Kurti with natural tones and nuanced neutral hues for work-at-home scenarios, will not only be easy on the eyes but will also have a trans-seasonal appeal. So the basic aspect of trans-seasonal is when we streamline our wardrobe and avoid trend hopping by investing in quality capsule pieces that will look chic even when layered up next season with a glorious silk shawl or a classic robust jacket.


The path to achieve this everlasting sense of style is to pick your favorites that you can dress up or down, all year round: a quintessential silk kurti, a sophisticated throw jacket, a fine embroidered bundi jacket and a dhoti set- tailor made for your taste, a bespoke silk blouse paired with flared palazzo pants, a brilliantly tailored Angarkha kameez, a delicately embroidered artisanal shawl- these are items that are not bound to any season and can be styled, layered and adjusted in various ways to make you look divine and elegant all year long.


These key pieces not just make our wardrobe timeless but they’re also better for our conscience. This is because trans-seasonal fashion helps us shrink our wardrobes by having fewer, versatile and more useful pieces of clothing that in turn shrinks our fashion wastage footprint. We should champion this ethical and beautiful way of expressing ourselves through our clothes that will speak volumes about our style and morale.


So the next time you read ‘What’s new!’ on that website, I am sure, you will flash a self-assured grin at the screen while you build your absolutely resplendent timeless wardrobe with time honed classic silk pieces that’ll be your heirloom.